Happy Days

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Imagine for a moment that your days are always going to be filled with happiness and joy. No more, “I had a bad/hard/rough day” answers any longer. I know you think I am tripping but if you know me at all, then you realize that this isn’t too far out there. It is a nice thought to think about isn’t it? Or is that just too much to wrap your head around? Well, allow me to break this down some.

GoodDayImagine for a moment that your days are always going to be filled with happiness and joy. No more, “I had a bad/hard/rough day” answers any longer. I know you think I am tripping but if you know me at all, then you realize that this isn’t too far out there. It is a nice thought to think about isn’t it? Or is that just too much to wrap your head around? Well, allow me to break this down some.

Ok, so firstly it is not realistic to have a unicorn, cupcakes and rainbow day ALL the time, which just saddens me actually. However, we would have NO CLUE how to recognize this kind of a day if we didn’t have days that challenged us emotionally, physically and mentally. Some days just proverbially suck. We have to experience non-joy in order to know what joy-joy is! And I liked saying joy-joy. That made me happy.

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I like what you do when you do what you DO!

Quips, Quotes & Anecdotes by Angelique

Here we are in the third month of the new year and I have already heard from many for whom the glow of determination of HighAction178 days ago has worn off. Those 5:00am alarms that were to signal the body into action are being silenced. Gym bags that were packed for the end of work day workouts are sitting in the backseat gathering dust. As the guilt of new year’s resolutions past creeps up, don’t be angry at yourself. Be kind to yourself and always treat yourself with compassion. BUT don’t let yourself off the hook, either. Don’t tell yourself that it was okay to slack on your goals, because THAT is not self-kindness. I am just telling you not to beat yourself up because that is a bad energy to be in! Instead, ask yourself why you didn’t stay committed to something you were so passionate about just weeks before. What thoughts are driving you to do ANYthing that you do– or don’t do?

WARNING: Hard questions ahead. Quick exercise: Write down one goal that you WANT to achieve. Not one that you HAVE to achieve but something you truly want. This makes a difference. Now ask yourself why you want it. What kinds of action are you taking to get to your end result? And ask yourself this especially forthright question: Are you WILLING to do anything to get to your end result? This question will tell you everything you need to know about your inner fortitude. This doesn’t mean you don’t have it, but it may mean that you haven’t kept it on track because of other thoughts going on in your head that make you believe something that isn’t true. So if you tell yourself, “I didn’t go to the gym at all this week so I might as well give up. I don’t have it in me apparently to stick to my goal of creating more time in my life for exercise” then you just made a false statement. So what if there was an obstacle that week?? What happens when you have this solid goal of going to buy a new pair of fabulous shoes? You are HighAction3heading to the mall and there is an accident ahead– cops, EMS, people, blinking lights, flares, every where. You might be irritated because now you have to wait in the traffic to get to the mall – but you are still going to stay on the road, right? Maybe you see an opportunity for a detour and you take that so you can avoid the wait? Either way, you are committed to get those new shoes because you want them! Did you turn around and go home? Nope. That is fortitude in action right there. So don’t tell me (or more importantly yourself) that you don’t have it –you are deciding when to exercise it. Apply that example with any kind of action you choose to stay focused on.High impact action is when you do whatever it takes to reach your goals. Do you risk falling on your face? Of course! But that is part of the experience of being human and without it we have nothing to relate to and nothing to ground us. When we participate in low impact action we are doing all the things that prepare to support our high impact action. Once you decided to work out you got excited and started glancing at the gym’s schedule and you likely purchased work out gear and signed up for the gym itself and then you even packed that bag to keep in your car… which were all actionable but those alone will not take you into the achievement of the end result. Be honest with yourself you will find out things about you that you can examine curiously rather than critically.

Angelique, a wellness and mindset coach, is the official Director of Coaching for Michael Mapes, LLC



Over the last few years, I’ve done thousands of sales conversations with prospects and potential clients. It is from these conversations I’ve built a six figure business, hired a team of people to support my work, and created the revenue necessary to broaden my impact.

While many of my friends and colleagues were obsessing about their website, worried about what to put on their business cards, and trying to figure out the latest internet marketing trend, I was leaping over them in revenue, in clients, in reach, and most importantly in impact.

While I wish I could claim otherwise, none of this took place because I was more talented, more skillful, or more masterful at branding. It didn’t happen because I had a bigger advertising fund, because I was a social media guru, or because I had more knowledge.

My success can be attributed to one simple variable: my willingness to have conversations with prospects and ask them to invest in my programs.

For some of you, this is going to provoke major objections and resistances. I can hear it now! “I’ll get started right after (insert random thing you think you need accomplish first…” This the challenge, and the gift, of sales: it brings us face-to-face with our fears, our limiting beliefs, and our opportunities for personal growth and development.

This is one of the challenges, and major gifts, of sales: it brings us face-to-face with our fears, our limiting beliefs, and our opportunities for personal growth and development.

There are many benefits to be gained by beginning to offer your programs and services before you feel ready.

#1: You figure out exactly what works. Before you’ve actually sold something you don’t know what messaging works. You don’t know if anyone is interested in what you’re creating. I have seen people waste tens of thousands (or more) of dollars creating programs and products that no one wants to buy.

#2: You begin to understand you are in control of your bank account and your destiny. If you can master sales, you’ll always have a full practice and massive control over what you earn.

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You are so gifted, talented, smart, hardworking, and you have SO much to offer the world. And here’s the other thing: for most of you…it won’t make one bit of difference. Most of you simply will never make the impact you want, have the reach you desire, or help the number of people you know, in your heart of hearts, you are truly capable of helping. In fact, I just saw a statistic the other day that less than 20% of coaches (and entrepreneurs in similar service based fields) will cross the six figure mark. Of those 20%, I know there are many more who are struggling, working seconds jobs they hate, and wondering if this is every going to happen for them.

When we’re talking about entrepreneurs we’re very rarely dealing with an effort deficit. Everybody is smart. Everybody is gifted. Everybody works hard. What’s going to set you apart?

Oh sure, you’ll help a person here and there by force of will and good intention. You may even have a group of people who tell you you’re such a good person for doing this work. Probably, at least in part, because you didn’t charge them what you really wish you could charge, discounted your rates, or give them a little taste of what they needed instead of delivering an actual life-changing transformation.

If you’re seriously irritated with me right now…that’s a good thing. There’s a chord inside of you that’s getting plucked, which means there’s a breakthrough for you in the rest of this article. Sometimes we need a spark to ignite the fuel within us to actually carry us toward our vision.

How do I know this to be true? Because I was you!

I had a calling…and I mean a serious calling to help the others and the world. Not an idea, not a thought, not a, “maybe I should try this” but a specific call from the universe to use my abilities to serve. I’ll share the story in another post, but know that it involves a tragic death, an unexplainable experience, and a period of depression.

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If you don’t have a steady stream of ideal client leads in your business than running a business probably feels really hard. It might feel like no one is interested in what you do, or like you can’t charge what you’re worth, or you may even have an artificially high close ratio because you aren’t talking to enough people, and so the cash projections for your business are seriously off.

One of the things I’m truly exceptional at in my business is generating an ongoing stream of steady leads making it much easier to fill my programs, sell my products, and ensure I get to work with a wonderful group of amazing clients. Creating a great string of leads for their business is also one of the biggest challenges my clients face, and one I want to help you solve if you struggle with it as well in this post.

I realize it’s not that getting leads comes any easier to me, it’s just I understand a few essentials, and have some great systems in place to ensure no matter what else is going on in my business, or my personal life, new energy, new clients, and new cash continues to flow into my business.

Here are my 10 weekly strategies for getting clients and making new sales every week

1. Pay attention to it. If you don’t begin your week with a clear picture of when you will focus on generating leads, and how you are going to generate those leads, you WILL get distracted. It’s amazing how we get wrapped up in creating, in admin, or other tasks that are more comfortable to us. Begin each week by dedicating some attention to charting your lead generation strategy for that week.

2. Meet with my team. I make it clear that everyone on my team is in the sales and marketing game. We are all responsible for generating leads. Whether it’s through delivering great service, asking for up sells, or referring people, get your team invested in the goal of enrolling new clients. Even when I only had a virtual assistant for a few hours a week, I made sure that she was either focusing on high-value tasks, or handling all of the low-value tasks so that I could focus on bringing in clients.

3. Dedicate the right amount of time. In the beginning of running my business, I spent 4-6 hours a day on generating new leads. Most people simply don’t spend enough time here. As you begin to build your business this shifts and evolves, but most people just aren’t spending enough time asking people to pay them money or buy their programs, products, or services. Schedule out time on your calendar to work on lead generation, and break it down by the specific high-value activities you will take each day.

Hint: if you don’t know the activities that’s the 1st problem you have to solve…and you should be solving it…right now!

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There is one reason, and one reason only, why I do this work: because I know there are people in the world who desperately need the help you are capable of providing them with, and if you don’t figure out how to market your business, if you don’t figure out how to sell in a way that is authentic to you, and if you don’t step up your game and become a wealthier, more confident, more truly abundant person, those people won’t get that help.

True transformation comes from honesty, and a thoughtful (and sometimes painful) acceptance of where we are. I’ve never seen major transformation erupt in someone’s life from a place of denial. Believe me, when I had to look in the mirror, and accept that years of trying things “my way” had failed me, and had failed all of the potential people I could have helped, there were some tears shed.

There are many places where in our industry (coaching, self-help, spirituality, and social entrepreneurship) where we are operating from a place of denial, rather than from a place of authentic transformation. So many places where we are willing to accept so much less than we are capable of, because we value our comfort, our stories, and our justifications more than we value our vision, our true potential, and our birthright as humans having a spiritual experience.

No where is this more evident to me than when you look at an industry, our industry, your industry, that professes to be about universal abundance, the law of attraction, and the belief that anyone can create as much of anything they want, and at the same time 8 out of 10 people in our industry will fail, and of the 20% that remains even less of those will cross the six figure mark, let alone every make it to the multiple six or seven figure mark.

When did “doing our inner work” become separate from the results we are producing? When did it become just another ego story we tell ourselves to prevents us from truly changing? Would we find it an acceptable sign of growth if an alcoholic friend was doing their inner work, but continued to pick up a drink day after day, week after week? Or would we see it as evidence of a deep, and painful, form of denial, and counsel our friend to seek the help they need to truly heal? This seems to me, exactly what we’re accepting in the conscious, spiritual, or heart-centered entrepreneurial community at this moment.

Would we find it an acceptable sign of growth if an alcoholic friend was doing their inner work, but continued to pick up a drink day after day, week after week? Or would we see it as evidence of a deep, and painful, form of denial, and counsel our friend to seek the help they need to truly heal? This seems to me, exactly what we’re accepting in the conscious, spiritual, or heart-centered entrepreneurial community at this moment.

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Answering the visionary call

The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls. ~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton
With these words Elizabeth Cady Stanton, feminist and suffragist pioneer, speaks directly to the visionary vibration. The impulse within those of us who have a message to share, the experience and qualifications to facilitate deep and long-lasting transformation, and the requisite tenacity and naivete to bring that message to the world. That voice inside of us that says, “You can be more. You can achieve more. You are here for more. You can create more. Indeed…you simply ARE more.”

If you’re in my world, it’s because you have a calling to help more people, to grow your business, and to make a positive impact in the world. Whether the universe whispered softly in your ear, “Follow this path…” or whether you got hit upside the head by the cosmic two-by-four, you know you were placed upon this planet because you have a purpose, a mission, a path.

You’ve probably taken some big steps and some small steps in service of that calling. But too many of you are waiting. You’re waiting for the right moment. You’re waiting until you thought about it enough. You’re waiting until it’s more comfortable, until you have the exact right message, or the copy on your website resonates in exactly the way you would like. You’re waiting for the right checking account balance. You’re waiting for someone to give you permission. You’re waiting until you get a certain number of clients. You’re waiting until you feel like it. You’re waiting until your chakras are balanced. You’re waiting until your psychic gives you permission and says it’s “divine timing.” You’re waiting for the stars to align…NOT during retrograde! You’re waiting until you’ve been at it a little longer, until your partner is 100% on board, or until your idea is exactly in the shape you think it needs to be.
And those of you who’ve already achieved a level of success (six or seven figures, a massive client base, successful speaking gigs etc.) are not off the hook here. Too many of you are operating from non-renewable power sources, exhausting yourself on behalf of your team, your clients, or your vision. You’re hitting burn-out, working too hard, giving of yourself endlessly, and hiding shadows that make you feel like a complete and total fraud. You’re looking for the newest “productivity” strategy because if you could only do more than you’d make more of an impact. If you could just check off one more task on your “to-do” you’d prove to yourself that you really are a healer. You fill up your tank in the morning and by the end of the day you’ve got nothing left.

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Did the title catch your attention? I hope so! Because I’ve decided to post publicly the formula that I’ve used to build my business, and basically the only formula you ever need to make as much money, get as many clients, and create as much wealth as you want. Anytime that I am having a problem in my business whether it’s related to cash flow, client issues, productivity, etc., there is always some place in this formula where something is missing. It’s a beautiful lens from which to evaluate where I need to make changes, or where things went wrong. I believe that empowered structures support unlimited creativity, and that’s why I’m so excited to share this formula with you.

Ultimate Wealth Creation Formula -> SP (AM + CA) = AW


So what does it stand for?

SP = Spiritual Power. This includes your affirmations, your visualizations, your meditations, and the vibration with which you approach everything you do in your life and in your business. Does your marketing have a charge? When you speak to you create emotional resonance? Or does your marketing tend to fall flat? Are clients finding you from expected and unexpected avenues? Do you feel a natural ebb and flow in your business, or do you constantly struggle against the current? Are you experiencing a high degree of satisfaction from your work, or are you waiting for things to get better tomorrow?

For conscious entrepreneurs, finding a way to approach our business in an expanded state, an open state, where we are both giving authentically and generously and receiving with grace, is essential for long-term success.

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Leftover Resentments? How’s That Going For You?

Quips, Quotes & Anecdotes by Angelique

We were ALL kids once. Some of us STILL are. Yep, you heard me right. There are many of us who insist in staying Happystuck emotionally within our minds despite having a physical body of an adult. I don’t believe this stuckedness is conscious. It has almost come to be part of our socializing with our friends and co-workers that we probably don’t realize we are just poking at old wounds that don’t serve us. What if… you just didn’t bother to talk about it any longer? How would that feel? Relief? Anxiety? This may be so much of your identity that it will feel foreign to you to give up all the years you have talked about it. It is good for you to shift your brain into the realization that this is a sap of your time, emotions and energies. Once you think about that approval you have been seeking from a parent, for example, is not about how you don’t measure up to their expectations but about how you have assigned that value to that person’s expectations, you may feel a little lighter. Consider this: If I tell you that I don’t think you are good at this or that and if I were to tell you that you disappoint me with your choices, I doubt that you would give it a whole lot more thought. You might think, “Whatever, lady! You don’t know me! I run a business, volunteer with a youth league, take yoga, and my speaking engagement list is a mile long because I am booked out I am so popular!” See? You seem to have a pretty darn good idea about how awesome you are! So why on earth would you assign any one in in your life the task of having power over your worth? Seems like you are ambitious, right? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? What drives that ambition? Don’t run the race for or against any one except for yourself. You will be the most accurate measure to compare yourself to!

Angelique, a wellness and mindset coach, is the official Director of Coaching for Michael Mapes, LLC


I recently spoke with an incredibly successful PR expert in New York who told me that she built her business with a simple formula, “Three hours on the business in the morning, and the rest is marketing.” This woman, had in a sentence, summed up what took me years to learn! If you aren’t regularly focusing on bringing new energy, new prospects, and new clients into your world, you don’t really have a business, you’re simply playing office. Not to mention, you’ll struggle with consistent cash flow, question your vision and if you’re on the right path, and generally feel like running a business is a struggle instead of a wonderful, joyous experience that allows you to grow in interesting ways.


I can’t tell you how much I wish I would have known this when I was building my business. My initial business strategy looked more like, “Create a bunch of clients, let a few people know about what I do, and hope, wish, and pray that clients find their way to me!” This strategy was part born of ignorance, after all you don’t know what you don’t know. Part born out of fear, “Who am I to charge that? Ask for business? Put myself out there? What will people say!” And part born out of an extreme resistance to marketing and sales.

Once I turned my focus (or rather once my coach kicked my butt) to focusing on generating leads and getting sales every day, my entire world changed, and it changed rapidly. I went from my best month ever of just over 5K in sales, to making over 10K within 30 days. Within 60 days, I had a 17K month, and within 90 days I was on track to hit six figures. All because I shifted from focus from long-term, primarily platform building strategies, to short-term lead generation strategies.

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