There’s a really big truth that most business
coaches are afraid to tell you because they’re
worried you won’t hire them.

It’s the reason why over 80% of service-based businesses fail, and it’s
probably the reason why you’re stuck working way too hard, for way too
little money, instead of running a profitable business that gives you a
great life while allowing you to help a lot of people.

The truth?

Most people don’t want to make more money and get more clients!

No, that’s not a typo! Think about it for a minute: When you imagine having a lot more money, what comes up for you? My guess is a lot of inner fear, doubts about your self-worth, and feeling overwhelmed about how you would actually create and manage that money!

Sure, everyone says that they want to make more money and get more clients. I mean, how could you NOT to say that, right?

But the truth is: most people don’t have the marketing, the systems, the strategies, or the mindset to make that a reality.

They also have a series of beliefs—both conscious and unconscious—that prevent them from being able to take the actions necessary to get the results they truly desire.

Is this your story? Ask yourself these questions and see if they resonate:

  • Did you go into business because you want to help people and now you’ve found yourself frustrated, overwhelmed, and without the clients you need to make the money you want and live a life you love?
  • Do you over-give, under-charge, and generally (at some level) feel uncomfortable with being a spiritual person who is also well-paid?
  • Did you start your business a while ago and feel like you should have already made it by now?
  • Do you have a big vision but are super unclear on what you actually need to be doing every single day to move that vision forward?

That was my story, too. Just a few years ago, I was living in my mom’s basement and working an $8 an hour telemarketing job. I was depressed. I felt like a failure. The worst part was feeling like I was not fulfilling my purpose to help a lot of people.

I knew I had to find a way to grow my business in a way that resonated with my values and didn’t feel fake, sleazy, and phony. In just three years, I created a six figure business, built a team to help me spread my message, and created a life that I adore living.

And I am absolutely committed to helping you to do the same. That’s why I wrote a book around wealth and success for contemporary Conscious Entrepreneurs, which you can get by clicking here.

If you’re a Conscious Entrepreneur, the kind of entrepreneur who not only wants to make great money and live a great life, but also wants to make a big difference in the world, then you’re journey to creating more wealth in your life and business than ever before…starts right now.


Because that’s exactly what we do: we assist the helpers of the world bring their message to a much wider audience, enroll more high paying clients, and make more money than ever before…without feeling like you’re selling your soul or compromising your values.

In short, we help you live your vision.

If you’re ready to take the next step on your wealth journey, you can buy a copy of my book The Conscious Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating Wealth right now by clicking here.

So what happens when you do have the right mindset, the right
marketing, and the right systems that work with your spiritual gifts?
To say everything changes is a bit of an understatement.

Here are some of the very real, very specific, very concrete transformations you can expect:

If you know that you have a big mission and you’re meant to make great money doing that mission in the world, we’re here to support you in doing just that by giving you the practical strategies and deep energetic shifts necessary to actually get the results you want.

You might be wondering what makes me different from all of the other business consultants, coaches, and marketing experts in the world?

It’s simple: I don’t rely solely on formulas, cookie-cutter approaches, or the latest shiny marketing object.

I use my unique intuitive ability (I told my preschool teacher I was a psychic when I was 5 years old and even proved my ability under research conditions) to tap into your spiritual gifts and inner wealth consciousness to make moving through the money blocks and marketing obstacles much easier.

Have you ever thought…I know what to do but I just can’t seem to get it all done?

That’s where I come in. My intuitive ability, revolutionary teachings on wealth and success, and proven marketing and sales track record allows me to get to the root of what’s holding you back quickly and create a place to help you move through it.

And we do something no one else does: we help you create a marketing plan that works with your personality and individual gifts…so that you can actually implement it, make more money, and serve those clients you are divinely aligned to serve.