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“I managed to make more than twice my monthly income in one week…”

864062027311-Copy-300x200Hiring Michael was one of the most dynamic decisions that I have ever made in my business. Michael is knowledgeable and caring and through working with him, my eyes were opened to creating possibility in my business. Michael gave me the loving and powerful support I needed to attract and serve my ideal client base!

Together, we found my niche and guess what? I managed to make MORE THAN TWICE my monthly income in one week! I HAVE STEPPED INTO ABUNDANCE!! I am currently living my vision and serving amazing people who are dedicated to creating vibrant health, happiness, and wellness in their lives!”

Lauren Wyatt, Wellness Intuitive, Founder of Bee Loving, Bee Wise


“Since enrolling in the business club I’ve successfully launched my first program, raised my rates, and continued to get clients and reach a wider audience…”


“Before I enrolled in Michael’s program I didn’t really have a direction with my business. I felt like I didn’t have the knowledge to bring it together so that It would be more successful then what I had in anticipated. Since enrolling in the business club with Michael, I’ve successfully launched my first intuitive Self Development and Healing Program, raised my rates, changed the entire concept of it what I had previously.

After just a few weeks in my program my clients are already reporting amazing results. I will continue to get clients, and reach a much wider audience. Thank you Michael!”

Crystal Novas, of Universal Crystal Novas, Psychic & Coach


“Using the new technique we discussed I closed an IDEAL client for SIX months of coaching, 2 sessions per month, $1997, paid in advance…”

268899_10151661867550281_720372445_n“I just wanted to let you know that using the new close technique that we discussed in my laser coaching session call on Monday (quoting a 3 month rate), this week I closed an IDEAL client for SIX months of coaching, 2 sessions per month, for $1997–PAID IN ADVANCE.

This means three things:
1. This Stuff’s Working!
2. I’m now charging my highest rates ever (but not the highest they’ll ever be)
3. I can pay my rent on Monday.

YOU SAID: If you follow these techniques, “I guarantee you can enroll at least one new client in your business this week.”

You are incredible and I really can’t express my gratitude enough. I’M BACK!!!!” ~ KishaLynn

KishaLynn Moore Elliot, This Stuff’s Working Coaching

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